Unpacking Aguilera

I do a lot of random projects – starting a lot more than I finish. Might as well put some of them up here, eh? Let them live forever on the Interwebs!

So, the first of a bunch of stuff…

One might say I was a musical nerd in college. I not only played the piano for the school shows, but by Senior year I was organizing and producing the shows as well. So… I was friends with a lot of theater and a capella folks in college.

As a musician, I was interested in the arrangement process: was it organized and well-thought out from end-to-end, or was it more of a spontaneous group thing, with individuals picking out parts by ear. Either way, I wanted to try my hand at arranging something, and I thought Christina Aguilera’s “The Voice Within” would be a cool, elaborately large piece. It starts with a very simple melody (SSAATTBB + soloist), but expands to a huge choral overload (SSSAAATTTBBB + soloist) towards the end. Due to copyright law, I’m not permitted to post the arrangement I put together here – it counts as a derivative piece and thus falls under the “needs permission” legislature; however, here’s a MIDI of the composition.

The Voice Within
Words and Music by Christina Aguilera and Glen Ballard
Arranged for A Capella by Craig Perler