Total Praise? Yes, I Like the Gospel (Music)

Since discovering it in highschool, “Total Praise” by Richard Smallwood has remained my favorite gospel piece. Yes, perhaps it’s a bit ironic that I like gospel music, given I’m a Jewish-born Atheist. But so what. Interestingly, my favorite musical composer, Jason Robert Brown, has often indicated his inspiration comes from gospel as well. Maybe next week I’ll put some JRB music up here.

Here’s me playing “Total Praise” from the sheet music (cause I’m horrible at memorizing music):

(I think the recording this time looks way better than my last one, which was all yellow and grainy. The iPad does a pretty decent job of it!)

Or, for the real deal, check out Smallwood live from Atlanta:

Here’s another great one from Smallwood which may be more familiar: “I Love the Lord” from the Preacher’s Wife.

And for a bit of diversity, “Oh My Brother, Be Encouraged” by Hezekiah Walker. I don’t know who the singer is, but she’s got a really cool voice.


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